The congress is for people who (wish to) address the subject of playing culture with spirit and mind. It’s for and with those who work with play buses, creative artists, students, educationalists and all those otherwise interested in playing.

What’s it about?

We want to confront playing culture with future challenges

To what extent can playing save the climate or meaningfully contribute to digitalisation?


How much playing can (school) education tolerate and how can playing respond to injustices?

How’s it going to happen?

We want to facilitate new ideas with a symposium and interesting lectures, workshops and activities from the educational practice, a lively marketplace of opportunities and a huge international playing festival.


What we want!

To ask questions and get answers that go beyond the present planning horizon and challenge us. Whilst doing so we regard playing as an interesting methodical concept to help work thematically on challenges and problematical issues.


Playing Future

Symposium | 29.09.22


Future Games

Workshops | 30.09.22

Haus der Jugend | Kulturhaus Osterfeld

The Hand-Tight Festival

Traditional games and creative activities | 01.10.22

Stadtmuseum Brötzingen

International Playing Festival

with play buses from Germany and the whole world  | 02.10.22

Pforzheim City

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The congress takes place at these places: